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Tim Byrne Almost Live

Tune in every Wednesday as Tim interviews various people from the construction and property management industry, including staff and clients to discuss life, business, and "Timology".

May 27, 2020

Tim sits down with Melissa and Morgan from CO2 Metering during Woman Appreciation Week and they talk about sexism in the workplace and touch on different topics and stories surrounding being a woman in the industry they work in, how they handle certain situations and what its like in their industry.

May 6, 2020

Tim took a trip down to Colorado at the RFMA Show and sat down with a member from the Board of Directors, Greg Clark and spoke about the RFMA show and the process of being a member on the Board of Directors.


**WARNING** - TIMBYRNEALMOSTLIVE - is entertainment only. Scenes and scenarios have be dramatized for your...

Apr 22, 2020

In this part 2 interview with Romeo Milano, Tim & Romeo talk about client interaction, company growth and the profit of business.

They even touch into a Remembrance video that Tim had posted this past November, and what it means to have respect and love for the family within the business world.



Apr 8, 2020

Tim sat down with Martin Day of Safety Media at PMExpo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Safety Media has been for 30 years! Handling Fire Code, Health and Safety into the property management business. Speaking of compliance within the company at his start point 3 years prior to owning the business. Martin speaks about...

Apr 1, 2020

Tim Byrne sat down with Patrick Armstrong from Snaile Canada Parcel Lockers @ PMExpo back in December 2019 for what jokingly turned into the longest 5 minutes of both their lives! Patrick, talks about his 7th company, Snaile, and what they do through and through with property management, residential deliveries, the...